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Our new JET WASH facility is integrated with a host of features to efficiently clean our customers vehicles. It takes meticulous care in the way vehicles are rinsed by utilizing a high-pressure washing mechanism. Moreover, in keeping with our commitment to continuously work towards helping the environment, the shampoos being used in WASH are over 80% biodegradable.

The special, state-of-the-art water treatment method employed during the car wash is designed to ensure that vehicles are left with a spotless, streak-free finish. (Additionally, the complete car wash time - including the wax and polishing process - amounts to approximately 15 to 20 minutes depending on wash option.)

Fast and efficient, high-pressure washing allows you to clean your vehicle easily and precisely. Wash your car, utility vehicle or two-wheeler independently with Wash high-pressure jets.

Precise and efficient washing

With Wash high-pressure cleaning, you can take care of your vehicle at your own pace. You choose and change the programs. Precise, effective and efficient, high-pressure washing offers the advantage of insisting on the dirtiest areas of your vehicle and washing your vehicle in every nook and cranny.

Discover the Wash foam cannon, which allows you to cover your vehicle in a few moments. Very effective in eradicating stubborn marks, dirt, pigeon droppings and insects. Combined with the application of the Lotus polishing wax, this innovation ensures incomparable protection and shine.


High pressure washing: the steps

Wash offers up to 7 washing steps to perfect the cleaning of your vehicle:

  • Rim cleaner to remove brake residue and encrusted grease
  • Pre -wash in warm soapy water to remove major soils
  • Foam cannon : compact active foam to cover the entire vehicle. Effective in removing stubborn dirt and insects
  • Brush  spraying hot water and foam to erase all traces
  • Rinse with a high-pressure jet to remove the foam
  • Lotus polishing wax ensuring the protection and shine of the bodywork
  • Rinse with demineralized water to obtain a perfect finish without traces of limescale

TotalEnergies Wash is available at:

  • TotalEnergies Laucala Beach station
  • TotalEnergies Waila station
  • TotalEnergies Navutu station
  • TotalEnergies Lautoka station